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Hitchbiking in Kurdistan and Güle Güle Türkiye

Km 3573 – Van, Turkey WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF Since we have arrived in Southeastern Turkey, it has been continously warm, approx. 25-30 degrees – just like during German summer. Even though this sometimes seems hot to us for cycling, … Continue reading

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Crossing Turkey once and coming back

Km 3223 – Sivas, Turkey WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF Since it is impossible to cycle completely through this beautiful and huge country within the 90 days length of stay, we have coverd bigger daily distances since Antalya – hitchhiking. This … Continue reading

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Spring sun in Southern Turkey

Km 2990 – Antalya, Turkey WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF The rainy season seems to be over. At least we could experience some wonderful spring days ever since we reached Fethiye. We are amazed by beautiful coast lines and the ruins … Continue reading

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Turkish people make you happy

Km 2605 – Fethiye, Turkey WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF In the meanwhile we reached Turkey: first new currency, first stamp in our passport and there the first limited duration of stay. We are welcomed with a special hospitality and have … Continue reading

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