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Viva Italia III

MANFREDONIA On the way to Manfredonia we take the train for a larger distance (we don’t feel like cycling the Adriatica, a fast motorway that is the only street on the coast; moreover, I am still sick) We have a … Continue reading

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Viva Italia II

RAVENNA On the way to Ravenna we camp next to a beautiful lake: the sun – and later the stars – mirror in the calm water. When we camp we automatically adapt to the nature and therefore to daylight times. … Continue reading

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Viva Italia (and Slovenia as well)

Km 1583 – Ceglie Messapica, Italy WEATHER, GENERAL STUFF & BLA BLA We now have a laptop!!! My mum has send my old one to Bari (thank you again!) and now we are connected a lot better – jippieh!!! We … Continue reading

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A little update from the communication hole

Km 1110 – Ancona, Italy Unfortunately, our acces to internet here is: not available (internet cafes can only be found in bigger cities), expensive, limited by time and/or slow… well, and that is why we were only able to do … Continue reading

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