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Uzbekistan – just so hot

Km 4988 – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF After some strict rules in Iran and the very short stay in Turkmenistan, we continue towards Uzbekistan and find a new peculiarity that makes travelling more difficult. Every tourist has to … Continue reading

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Five days of transit through Turkmenistan

Km 4773 km – Osh, Kyrgyzstan   WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF We are lucky and get a transit visa for five full days. Turkmenistan is also referred to as the „North Korea of Central Asia“ and therefore it is not … Continue reading

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The big Iranian heart

Km 4310 – Buxoro, Uzbekistan WEATHER & GENERAL STUFF IRAN – new country, new adventures. Honestly, we didn’t know much about Iran before our cycling trip. The only things we heard in Germany about Iran was from the news and … Continue reading

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