Spring sun in Southern Turkey

Km 2990 – Antalya, Turkey


The rainy season seems to be over. At least we could experience some wonderful spring days ever since we reached Fethiye. We are amazed by beautiful coast lines and the ruins of the Lycians which are more than 2000 years old all along the coast line between Fethiye and Antalya.


  • We roll onto the lawn of „adrenalin village“, our new helpx host for the next ten days. Immediately we are warmly welcomed by Erhan. The 53-year old bicycle enthusiast with the nick name „red bike“ looks at our bikes very closely. Then also Emir and Talu come to greet us and the team of three is complete. It is a funny troop – each of them has their own individual story. Emir has worked for advertising industry before. Erhan wars a cartoonist. Talu was DJ and worked in the hotel management. All three of them came from Istanbul tand are now united in adrenalin village where they cordially receive us.

  • Ten bungalows shall be build for the next summer season and there is a lot of work to do. It is fun to do the manual work together with the trio. The sun shines on us and each day we see the little successes. We are served great food and from time to time we have a campfire. One free day Erhan takes us on a little cycling tour – it is nice to stroll around the harbour and the coast of the neighbouring land tongue during sunshine – that causes a good mood.


  • The distance to Ölüdeniz is very gorgeous. A tough altitude leads us out of Fethiye, with a view of the bay, the sea, the mountains and some rock cut tombs. As we continue to Kayaköy (köy = village, kaya = rock). Green fields welcome us travellers and we can already see hundreds of decayed houses on the hillside. The stone ruins, mostly without roofs are the remains of an abandoned Greek settlement. A long time ago an exchange took place. The Greeks were send to today’s Greece in exchange for Turks that had been living in Greece until then. Crazy world.

  • As we continue we reach Ölüdeniz, a popular tourist destination. English retired persons have settled here and you could actually ask, if you are still in Turkey. Another adventure isn’t a long time coming. A „tourist fisher“ asks us, if we would like to paraglide. Of course, we feel like it, But Jana is a little afraid. The seller makes some last convincing work – he is an expert – and before we can think about it too much we are already gliding through the air at about 1500m of altitude (!). It is a good day for Paragliding, we have a good hydrostatic uplift, the sun shines and the view on the bay is charming.

  • Some Euro poorer, but enriched by a beautiful experience we are allowing to sleep under the porch roof of the paragliding office. It’s a nice place: right at the beach with view of the bay.


  • The next day there is a long distance in front of us. It is going uphill, uphill, uphill. Our first stop is the picturesque butterfly valley followed by a couple kilometeres with a little truck. After hours we reach the 1200 m pass through a gravel road. Another record of the journey so far. The landscape and the nature are just beautiful and starting from the next village )(Karaagac) it goes down steeply for at least ten kilometers. The street is good, the view is breathtaking (profound valleys, bluegreen water, colourfully blossoming flowers, bizarre looking trees and rocks, …). The „Lycian Way“ is close as well – apparently a popular hiking trail whith Germans. We sweep down to the valley, but then have to fight our ways through endless seeming lowlands and then another 200 m of altitude. At the end of this 67 km day, Jana is totally exhausted and when we arrive at Kaya’s house, our host in Kalkan, it is already dark.


  • As we arrive in Kas at Can’s place, everybody is already preparing the weekly Saturday barbeque. After that our host invites us to his concert. We wouldn’t say no to that. He plays the flute and together with his friend who plays the guitar, they both sing.

  • After getting back from the concert, we move into the „emergency quarter“ that Can had already told us about. The next day there is no more cloud in the sky: we have breakfast in the sun and then discover the little touristy city of Kas with our bikes. There is a little restaurated amphitheater. But most of the time we spend at a little beach at about 2 km distance. The springsun warms our faces and we relax and lean backwards.

  • The morning we start pretty late (that happens often) and after we passed the first altitude of 600 meter, we realize that it is still very far to Demre. A little bit later we sit in a little truck with Ahmet, the driver. That way we arrive early enough in Demre to run into a second Ahmet. This time not truck driver, but journalist for a news agency. Before we know what is happening, he is already interviewing us and taking pictures for an article. We are not able to control the situation (which newspaper will write about us later?), because it is not possible to argue Ahmet out of his plan. A couple days later Ertugrul, our host in Demre, is sending us the message: „you are famous!!! ;)“ and the following link to a national newspaper: http://www.aksam.com.tr/guncel/alman-cift-dunyayi-dolasacak/haber-177468


  • Again 600 m of altitude. But until Cirali it is only 35 km. The little touristy place is not far from the Olympos ruins and the following little natural wonder: at two places in the mountain gas escapes from the stones and is lit. Jana and I hike up to the upper flames and sit there with a lovely view next to the little flames which bubble out of the stones just like that. We enjoy the reflective moment with campfire athmosphere.

  • The next morning we head to discover the ruins of Olympos which have been errected a long time ago and – because of inundation- we can only reach them by wading through three little rivers.

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