Greek days of idleness

Km 1943 – Kineta, Greece


Greece is impressive! Wherever we look, we can see mountains and the sea at the same time almost everywhere. Additionally, we experience mild days and meet admirable people – what do we need more? (…except maybe that Alexes current cold passes by quickly and that my immun system will continue to bear up bravely?)


  • An  additional story from 28th Dec 12: at 1.30am (we are still awake) we experience our first earthquake with two bigger and on smaller trembles. The next we learn that it was an earthquake of 4.5 on the Richter skale and that after Japan Greece is the country with the most earthquakes. The earthquake itself was not frightening at all, but it was worrying not to know, if a bigger one was to follow…

  • We spend New Year’s Eve the Greek way. We are invited to a shared flat party at Costas house. The particular thing: the party starts after midnight. In Greece, New Year’s Eve is spent with the family traditionally. Only some will celebrate with friends afterwards. We get to the party around 1 am and are happy about many friendly, international guests as well as good music (rock & oldies) until early morning.

  • After almost two weeks of working at the English ladies’ house, we feel like staying a couple days more in Patra without working. A couple more days turn into two further weeks, but this time full of leisure. Alltogether we therefore got stuck for four weeks in Patra and have now succeeded to tear ourselves away from Patra. To tear ourselves away from all the lovely people. From Christos who hosted us the complete last week. From Eva and Yorgos and their roof terrace with an amazing view on the snowy mountains. From Nick and Philippos, the two crazy and adorable cyclists. Both of them are really applaudable: last Sunday the went into the mountains with friends and planted tree seeds, just like that! Last summer a part of the forest burned down and they would love to admire it again in the near future. Because no one else takes care of it, they took the matters into their own hands.

  • What we experienced among other things during our time in Patra: skiing in Kalavrita, taking part in the box training (Alex) or in an organized night bicycle tour (Jana) or just listening to Sundays’ live music with beloved people in Tsirko (Yorgoses bar).


  • Nick, Irene and Philippos accompany us for 15 km out of town to a hidden beach. Such a farewell escort is really great!

  • Later that day we ask a woman for water – we are referred to another woman who leads Alex to the basement and fills our empty plastic bottle with… WINE!!! With some gestures and hand signals we luckily still receive fresh water and now we know that water means “nero” in Greek.

  • The next morning we hike in the valley of river Vouraikos where we can admire an idyllic river bed and interesting rock structures with some caves.


  • On the way to Anchea Korinthos (Ancient Corinth) we meet a young man named Yannis at the beach. That way we leave out the usual small talk and immediately advance to life philosophic questions. After a little while he says about our journey: “You are happy!”. It is exactly these spontaneous and beautiful moments that enrich us so much. “Put the box away”, he says. This shall mean: to tear oneself away from societal life and achievement expectations, to blow up the bonds of civical imagination that stays reduced to a quadrat. If you manage to get out of this “box”, says Yannis, only then you can experience real freedom. The freedom of yourself, the openness to approach others, because your self-esteem is not limited by societal instructions and prohibitions (e.g. do spontaneously talk with strangers on the beach about life and to enrich one another).

  • In the evening we are rewarded again: shortly after Anchea Korinthos we find a hidden place for our tent in the middle of olive trees and with an breathtaking view on the golf of Corinth.


  • Now we are sitting in Thibaut’s living room with view on the ocean and another two days of time for idleness. We are writing diary and blog entries and listen to the heart arousing music of the Beirut Gulag Orkestar – life is so beautiful!!!

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