Viva Italia II


  • On the way to Ravenna we camp next to a beautiful lake: the sun – and later the stars – mirror in the calm water. When we camp we automatically adapt to the nature and therefore to daylight times. We sleep at 8 pm, but next day we start cycling at 7.30 am.
  • Ravenna is popular for its old mosaic art, but our mosaic is Silvana (63) with whom we pass cosy hours with delicous food. She shares her life experiences with us – her resume: „make love, not war“. She says about herself that she is one of the few that even stayed hippie after the flower-power-movement. Many of those who have also participated in the movement back in the days, nowadays work in a bank, have big cars and wear expensive clothes. But for Silvana the development of a moral and of real values are central. The materialism destroys the values – how true!


  • It is raining cats and dogs and after 15 km we take the train
  • On our way to our host we get lost but therefore we receive a beautiful experience as a present: we ring at a house to ask for the correct way. This door will be opened for us and one minute later we sit at the long living room table with an espresso and two pieces of different cakes each. While we smile at each and eat, the oldest man of the family draws us a map. Moreover, the family makes telephone calls, is discussing, asking and at the end of all, sometimes drives us to the addresses we initially tried to find – that were just beautiful moments. Arriving there Roberta already comes out of the house and greets us with her warm smile – so we get from one villa to the next. In the evening there is self-made pizza for the whole family and we sit together vividly (oh and the desert: vanilla ice-cream with sugared maronis and French merengue) – just great. From Damiana we then receive a super life eine super life philosophy: „follow the river, let things happen.“
  • Lucky again: it is raining cats and dogs two days in a row and we can just stay in the house, because so many nice people invited us to their houses and therefore we already had planned three nights in Fano – that’s exactly the right thing for two rainy days.
  • The third day the rain stops and we discover the city: as we enter the library to use the internet one employee offers us to show us the old library from the 17th century. Of course, we accept and we are impressed by the old books, handwritten catalogs and the two big hand-made balls (stars and globe) – everything is hundreds of years old, but in good shape and the stories of the employee let everything revive.


  • We take the most unfavourable way to Chiaravalle, as hearty Rodolfo lets us know when we arrive – we took the only mountain in the whole area – bugger, our map doesn’t have altitude marks, so we had the pleasure to first go up 10% and 12% of inclination and then descend it again – while going down we both had record speed (Alex: 65 km/h and I: 51km/h).


  • Our laid back host Tomas tells us an interesting allegory: to be vegan can be compared with seeing a beautiful woman with wonderful breasts on the street. You wouldn’t just go there and grab for them. That would not be correct ethically – because you have respect for the other person. It is just like this with meat: it tastes good, but it is not correct ethically to kill for it.


  • Staying with Federica we enjoy the hustle and bustle of a typical Italian family. Somehow they found out, that it is Alexes birthday and so they surprise him wth a big cake, table fireworks and a watch – just so sweet!
  • Already before our arrival Fausto (another Couchsurfer) had the idea that we should tell Ortona’s young people about our journey. So he had already organised meetings through the city youth council: we do a city tour in the morning and in the afternoon we tell about 30 pupils and some retired people who we are, what we do and why we travel. That was rather weird to see flyers promoting our speech hanging around the city while walking around town in the morning. We are just two „normal“ travellers, but when I said this to a pupil after our speech, she had a differentpoint of view. At the end, even a journalist came to interview us. For him our journey was probably not political enough for a newspaper article (at least until today he didn’t send us a link). Contrarily, Fausto send us the following link to his online article a few days later (in Italian):
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