Viva Italia (and Slovenia as well)

Km 1583 – Ceglie Messapica, Italy


We now have a laptop!!! My mum has send my old one to Bari (thank you again!) and now we are connected a lot better – jippieh!!! We are still well. With each new sunny day we have a surreal feeling: „This can’t be true!“… but somehow it is like this – south Italian December is just not German December and of course it does rain sometimes, but often when it did we were lucky and have been planning to have a cycling pause anyway. During the last weeks we both had (first me, than Alex) a cold – that is annoying, of course, but that way we sometimes took the train. This is not bad either. Crazy, how we then arrive in the new destination within half an hour – a distance that would usually take us a whole day. A little resumee about the guest-friendly Italy: great people, delicious food (statement from Alex: „Food is a religion“) and cities like „Monopoli“, „Miracoli“ and „Margharita“ really exist. Following we will share some impressions from the past weeks:


  • Spontaneous winter start with a lot of snow shortly before we left Philip & Jenny
  • On our way to the train station we see two graffitis regarding the sense of life:
    • The person with the biggest gravestone won


  • In the train we already learn the most important Slovenian words from our fellow travellers: Hvala (Thank you) and Na Zdravje (bless you, cheers)
  • Darko teaches us some words existing only of consonants: Cmrlj (bumblebee), Zvrst (genre)
  • An interesting place in Ljubljana is the alternative artistic quarter


  • On the way to Trieste we have to cross our first two „mountains“ – at a hight of 700 meters it is only 3 degrees so that my feet almost freeze though we keep cycling. Therefore we are even happier about the milder climate in Trieste.


  • We leave Trieste while it is more then 20 degrees and we pass beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately my knee hurts so much that we „only“ cycle 40 km and ask for a camping spot in front of a restaurant with a huge land around it. The owner of the restaurant is really friendly and says: „Do you have a tent?“ Ok, no problem you can just put it over there“
  • Later we have a rainy day when we cycle through a ghost city named Jesolo. For 10 km everything is closed, blocked up & locked, no one on the streets – crazy how one hotel is lined up next to another, additionally uncountable restaurants with signs in French, English and German and everything is totally extinct.
  • Cavallino Treporti is also touristy in the summer (but specialised in camping): ca. 6,5 million tourists come to the peninsula in the six warm summer months. The population rises from 13.000 to 130.000 (measured at one moment).
  • Pretty wet we arrive in Cavallino Treporti – fortunately cordial Ilaria can read our minds: Would you like a tea and a hot shower! YEEEES. Oh and if you like to wash something, no problem, we have a dryer, too!!!
  • We visit Venice: touristy, but cute: little water streets, many (flooded) paths, that won’t always let you pass, a bridge here, a water taxi there, in addition gondola drivers, historic architecture & expensive restaurants
  • The day of our departure a 84-year old man asks us where we cycle. We: Australia. He: Ah, Austria, you are lucky, the weather is good.


  • We take a shortcut for the Venzian Lagune while cycling along two islands in front of it and taking three ferries – left and right the ocean, sun, marked cycle pathes – that is how world travelling has to be!
  • In the afternoon we check our mails and find a surprise: we spontaneously received an invitation from Svetlana to Porto Viro – we quickly cycle the last kilometers and the next moment we learn interesting thing about Moldavia from Svetlana and her daughter Iana (also pronounced like Jana)
  • After an extensive breakfast („Would you like a fried egg? Of course you do, cyclists need energy!“) Svetlana shows us where we can get delicious dark bred and she even cycles two kilometers with us 😉
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