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Km 485 – Munich, Germany

Lucky we… until today we had only that one rainy cycling day. On the way to Wiesbaden autumn was even sunnier than before. It was nice to watch the yellow and red trees as well as the castles along the Rhine being painted golden by the sun, especially when we could camp just next to the Rhine the 2nd night on our way to Wiesbaden. In Wiesbaden wem ade a longer pause which we filled most of the time by cooking and making music with friends  (similar as during our farewell-party, except that Andi had professional Zeljko-jamming at his side this time). We spent the last super sunny day  hiking in the Nero-Valley. Furtunately, because ever since we arrived in Munic it has been all grey… except for today (so we can say „lucky we“ again) when we discoverd Munic’s city center… everything was painted golden again – one man was apparently feeling so hot that he sunbathed nacked lying at the shore of river Isar 😉

2 stories, that we overheard when we secretly listened to one of the many english guided tourist groups in Munic:

Frauenkirche: shortly before the night of broken glass the catholic priest of this church talked to his jewish colleague of the neighbouring synagoge and said that he anticipates what will happen and that he offers to put all the treasures of the jewish community into the basement of the church. Although a bomb destroyed the whole church the jewish treasures weren’t distroyed in the basement so that the priest could give all the treasures back to the jewish minister of religion. The jewish community was so thankful for that so they helped to rebuild the Frauenkirche after the war.

Marple at the Viktualien-market: 45 men acutally suceeded to steal Munic’s marple in 1966. For return they wanted 3 rates of beer and 3 chicken at the Octoberfest – for everyone of them and all their lifes. Since the city of Munich had to pay this return for traditional reasons today you can still see a tent that is reserved for these men.

Munichs grey days we used for research and further travel planning and we now decided: to get as fast as possible to the south, Sunday (28th Oct) we will take a train over the Alps to Ljubljana (Capital of Slovenia). From there we cycle to Triest (Italy) to follow Italy’s east coast all the way south. We plan to take a ferry to Albania or Greece in Brindisi…

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