Autumn is coming

Km 315 – Rheinbach, Germany

To get to Essen, we followed the cycling path „Ruhrtal“ which is really beautiful, curvy and passes by the countryside. Therefore it is very quiet. In Essen and Mülheim all our longer and shorter hosts cared a lot for us. Together we passed convivial moments which we enjoyed a lot. Equally convivial we continued in the cities, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Rheinbach. In each city were cared for or were able to cook something together so that our camping stove was able to rest until now 😉 Considering the distances: the one between Düsseldorf and Cologne was pretty industrial. The distance between Cologne and Bonn was once more a lot more natural. However, when we cycled that part on Friday it was raining pretty much so most of it seemed pretty grey. The good thing about it: we could test our outdoor clothes… and most of it is waterproof. We already took care of the parts that weren’t.

All in all, nothing spectacular happened yet. We enjoy that people take care of us and that we can say good bye to friends and family that live along the way south. Regarding the weather we said hello to autumn. We were able to meet it in all its facets: from golden autumn to rainy and grey. In Rheinbach we are occupied to organize some stuff for a couple days. Tomorrow we will cycle along the Rhine Wiesbaden where we hope to arrive on Thursday. The upcoming distance is suppsed to be the prettiest part of the Rhine and the weather is at least supposed to become better – so we are curious to get to know what expects us.

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